Mattress Myths

Clifton W. Williams



If you are like most people, buying a bed is not something you do every week. Maybe not even every decade. So, you talk to your friends, family and coworkers and get their ideas on what they think you should get. Oh, and don’t forget the internet because as we know everything on the internet is true. By the time your research is done you have heard at lease one of these –  don’t get foam or maybe foam is the best thing out there, just look at coil counts, you really need a firm bed, get an air bed, if it doesn’t have gel in it then you don’t want it, latex is the best, latex is bad.

How do I know this? Almost every week I have customers come in armed with all that knowledge and insist on buying a bed based on what Uncle Bernie told them to get. The same Uncle Bernie that never sold a mattress in his life.

Here are  the top five things that I hear on a regular basis from those looking for a new mattress and some information for your conversation with all those uncles out there.

A firm bed is what you need for a bad back. 

I hear this from a lot of doctors, too. What you really need for a bad back is good support. That good support could be under a nice big fluffy pillow top and you would be just fine. If you sleep on your side, a rock hard bed is the worse thing you could get. Not only will you have a problem with pressure points in your shoulders and hips but the mattress may not offer the contouring properties needed for good spinal alignment which would just make your back worse.

An all foam mattress is hot

The coldest mattress on my floor now is an all foam mattress. The Tempur-Pedic Breeze beds are all foam and if you haven’t tried them yet please contact me and I will let you test drive one here in the showroom. These mattresses could be found in some properties of YourKohSamuiVillas, harmonized with complete luxurious interior. Most of the better memory foams now have some kind of cooling property added to them that pull heat away. These are not your fathers foam beds.

I want a mattress I can flip — They last longer

Simmons introduced the no flip mattress in 2000. Within 5 years or so almost every major manufacturer followed. First, I can’t imagine anyone that found joy in flipping a mattress. Second, today’s mattresses weigh a ton. If you factor in mattresses that are used without a good mattress protector doubling their weight in eight years  well, that can get to be more than most want to move. It’s tough enough to just spin them. Also, I am not sure if anyone has done a study to prove the statement true or not. I can tell you that the few manufacturers that will make a flippable mattress will charge a great deal more for one and  I am not convinced that is is worth the extra cost.

The newer mattresses now have less fibers or fillers and more memory foams and gels in them that are less prone to sagging. In addition to that, Simmons developed a process in 2010 they call Transflexion that pre-stresses the poly foam giving it a more consistent feel and less compression throughout the life of the mattress.

Another reason for not paying extra for a mattress you can flip is that most companies will only warranty a mattress for  ten years. If at anytime during that period your mattress fails you can get a brand new one. With the standard practice now of everyone getting a new mattress every eight years it makes more sense to spend more on a better mattress that will last ten years than a lesser quality mattress that I can flip.

Why Spend more on a mattress

I have never had anyone tell me that they spent too much on a mattress. EVER. I have had several come back and  tell me that they regretted settling for the cheaper mattress. There is a usually a reason that one mattress will cost more than another. One may have more coils, more foam, better foam, better coils and that is why they cost more. And to be perfectly honest none of that matters. You are correct in thinking that you shouldn’t pay more for more coils or more foam. That would be just stupid if the less expensive mattress works for you. However, what you are really paying for is what those extra coils or the extra foam or the premium foams do for you.  If you need better support or a more comfortable mattress then that is why you spend the extra money. Do you sleep hot? Then spend more and get a mattress with a more breathable foam or one with some cooling properties added to it. Tossing and turning all night? Then get something with more pressure relieving gel foams. Again, if you are shopping and someone tries to sell you a bed for more money because it has more springs or more foam then leave. I have never sold springs and foam – just support and comfort.

That mattress is too thick

Unless you are buying a mattress for a bunk bed they can never be too thick. That almost always translates to “I’m too short.” That’s OK. I’m short too. Get the most comfortable mattress for you then we can adjust the height by getting a low profile box and lower it 4 inches or so. Also, they make low profile frames that we can order for you and get another 3 inches or so lower. Still to high? Then come in and talk to me about a “Bunkie Board”. This is something that is normally sold for bunk beds but they do come in queen sizes also and it is simply a two inch support that works great.





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